Urban Row LogoI would like to recognize several of your employees who assisted myself and 1492.  When I came in for my evening class there was an awful sewer gas odor.  So bad that I opened my door to the common space.  I noticed 1492 also had their door open. Marco and Arturo immediately came over and said they couldn’t pinpoint the smell in their area, but it was permeating the restaurant.  I located a drain under my artificial grass.

It was almost 6 pm when I called your office and got the after-hours service.  She took all of my information down (I did not get her name).  I sent an email to Eve as well to notify her of the issue since it was after hours.  Within 10 minutes Larry called me told me how to take care of it at the moment since I would only be here about an hour and told me he would be here at 8 a.m. when I opened.  Eve responded that she would forward my email onto Bubba.

The next morning, Larry plugged the drain and everything smells as it should at Urban Row and 1492. 

With all of this being said, I wanted you to know even after hours your staff treats your tenant’s issues with urgency.  I KNOW I would not receive this kind of attention had I chosen another location to open Urban Row.

Callie McPherson  |  Urban Row


Mazaheri Properties LogoI hired Price Edwards Retail Investment Team to search for off-market land in  Bricktown to develop a high-end hotel concept that my partners and I were looking into. In just a few weeks we had the largest tract of undeveloped land in East Bricktown under contract. Phillip, Paul, and George were very helpful throughout the process of acquiring and securing the flag.

George has done great job leasing up the few vacancies that I had in my several shopping centers throughout the year. I have short turn-around and he lets me know of the interest by reporting in a professional manner. I am very happy with several leases that he did for me including:  Just for Kids Pediatrics, All About Chi, Live Well (Dr French), Nails by Helen, Silver accents, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, etc.

Phillip, Paul, and George have been a huge asset during my 1031 exchange timelines. I was able to purchase Edmond University Plaza and Cornerstone Plaza.   The Retail Investment Team also assisted me in purchasing several parcels in Bricktown and downtown that have significant upside potential.

Fred Mazaheri  |  Mazaheri Properties


Sabah Financial logo

Our firm engaged Ford Price to serve as the court-appointed receiver on an office building with the goal of selling the asset as quickly as possible.  Ford and his staff performed a very quick and thorough analysis of the market for the property reflecting its age, condition, occupancy, and location.  He then moved forward engaging his property management and brokerage team to clean up the property, create highly professional marketing materials and contact buyers interested in this type of asset.  

In a period of 60 days, there were multiple offers on the property in the price range predicted.  He was then able to move forward quickly in negotiating a purchase & sale agreement with the most qualified buyer and achieve a closing prior to our deadline.  I found Ford and his staff to be professional, knowledgeable and very driven to meet our needs on this assignment.  I would not hesitate to recommend Price Edwards & Company for those who need receivership, property management and/or brokerage services.

Deborah Newlin  |  Sabal Financial 



HHL LogoIt has been almost a month since we closed a piece of real estate that we owned in Oklahoma City.  For this project, we chose Derek James, one of your representatives, to represent us in the sale of this property.   I  would just like to take a few lines to express to you our complete satisfaction that we experienced in working with Derek.  A little background on myself, I am a retired land developer and residential home builder here in Washington, for the past twenty-five years.  Though I am an Oklahoma native, I have not been in the area for over twenty-five years.  I was totally unfamiliar with your market trends and specifically the values and our prospects to sell this property which is an older distressed property that certainly had its challenges. Early in the process, Derek was very proactive and what maybe we should do to best represent this property for sale.  On top of the physical challenges, we even had a few title problems that we needed help with to be able to sell the property and clear title.  For all of the above-mentioned problems, Derek, was extremely prompt in addressing the issues so that we could bring this property up for sale; making several trips out to the property to ensure that it was secure, that the cleanup had been successfully completed and then helping us find a title agent that resolved our abstract issues. ln all my years as a professional developer, I have met very few real estate agents that showed the professionalism and get it done attitude that Derek displayed.  We actually closed the property for a price negotiated by Derek for a price that was considerably higher than I had expected.  And we closed the pro¡erty on time. ln conclusion, we hope that you realize you are very fortunate to have an agent of Derek’s caliber in your offíce.   We would not hesitate to recommend Derek to any of our friends or associates.   He will be our go-to real estate professional for any needs in the Oklahoma City area in the future.

Dan Q. Bruno  |  Heritage Homes and Land Inc.

Construction and Land Development

Midtown Renaissance LogoDerek James stands out as one of the best commercial real estate brokers that we have ever dealt with, bringing a rare ability to distill complex issues down to understandable layman’s terms while simultaneously framing their business impacts.

He has tremendous people skills and good business sense.  He is a gifted communicator and a shrewd negotiator.  These qualities combined with his mastery of the Oklahoma City commercial real estate market and 20+ years of experience have provided our company with unquantifiable value.  For nearly 7 years he has been able to consistently produce outstanding results on each and every one of the properties that he represents for us. 

Perhaps most importantly, Derek is reliable, honest, and completely trustworthy.  He has become a valued friend and adviser.  It is with great pride that we unconditionally recommend Derek as a broker for any commercial real estate lease or sales transaction.

Mickey L. Clagg, President  |  Midtown Renaissance

Chris Fleming, Executive Vice President  |  Midtown Renaissance



Quinn McAllister LogoI worked with the commercial real estate firm of Price Edwards and specifically Tom Fields of the sale of our property at 729 West Sheridan in downtown Oklahoma City.

We had several interested buyers before putting the property on the market for sale. Tom Fields orchestrated a bidding process and we received competing offers in 10 days. After evaluating each offer we selected one and closed without incident.

Tom handled all the details minimizing my efforts and allowing me to stay focused on running my architectural firm. I would recommend Price Edwards and Tom Fields when considering a commercial property sale in Oklahoma City.

Darrell L. McAllister  |  Quinn McAllister Architects



Trimont logoOn behalf of our client, we have engaged Price Edwards to provide property management services for more than twenty multifamily properties in Oklahoma and surrounding states over the last several years.  Our portfolio has historically included both stable and extremely distressed “B and C” assets ranging in value from several hundred thousand to several million dollars.

Price Edwards has consistently provided superior service dedicated to maximizing overall value for the owner and establishing rock-solid resident relations.  The well-trained and experienced teams that Becky has placed on site have done an outstanding job of protecting our interests while simultaneously putting the needs of residents first and foremost.  Time and again, the dual focus has produced consistent operational improvements over the period of ownership.

Many of the assets have required moderate to heavy deferred maintenance/CapEx investment or a significant lease-up effort.  Priced Edwards has both the knowledge base and the contacts to supervise renovations or oversee the heavy lifting required to make such an effort successful.  They provide monthly financial reports on time and in good detail.  We have seen good results because Price Edwards has the experience and industry presence to provide all of the activities that true property management entails - marketing, leasing, collections, maintenance, accounting, community outreach, subsidy/section 8 issues, etc.

Our most recent property, Park View Village, is an excellent example as it was a former tax credit, all-bills-paid 1940’s-vintage collection of duplexes & quads totaling 240 units.  A deteriorated property in an improving location, occupancy had decreased while the utilities were absorbing the lion’s share of cash flow.  Through Price Edwards’ efforts and leadership, the vacancy was significantly decreased, utility costs were passed along to the resident and both revenue and net operating income increased dramatically.  As a result, the property was recently sold at a price well in excess of what it would have commanded when Price Edwards was hired. 

I would give Price Edwards my strongest endorsement.

Noel F. Rabb, Vice President  |  Trimont Real Estate Advisors



Price Edwards & Company is proud to be the leader in Oklahoma commercial real estate. We are a full service firm headquartered in Oklahoma City. Formed in 1988. We employ approximately 150 professionals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma providing a wide range of commercial real estate services.