Due to the ever-changing office market, resulting in increasing rental rates and escalation costs and diminishing concessions, the factors relating to the leasing of office space are more complex than ever. It is now critical that an experienced real estate professional be part of the team when a company considers a lease re-negotiation, expansion or relocation, the acquisition of a new facility or the consolidation of excess space. Whether it be the vast number of available office buildings or the seemingly more sophisticated leases laced with unfamiliar terminology, the financial ramifications of a poorly planned lease can be very significant.

To answer this growing problem, Price Edwards & Company provides office leasing service expertise that we feel is unsurpassed in today's market. The amount of time involved in the research, analysis, negotiation, coordination, and administration of a facility relocation can be substantial. Tenants view our service as a time and money saver providing them with the assurance of making the right decision without the burden of unnecessary research, as well as the negotiation expertise and market knowledge of a professional commercial real estate brokerage company.

To assist in the evaluation of each potential facility we call on the services of our in-house financial, construction and property management professionals along with the outside expertise of architectural, mechanical, telecommunications, legal, environmental and security consultants, where needed. This approach provides you a high level of experience in all fields rather than being limited to the jack-of-all-trades, master of none approach offered by most tenant brokers.
Over the years, we have represented such clients as

  • Chesapeake Energy
  • Homeland
  • Tronox
  • Canaan Energy
  • Wells Fargo
  • MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company

as well as numerous law firms and other local users.

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Price Edwards & Company is proud to be the leader in Oklahoma commercial real estate. We are a full service firm headquartered in Oklahoma City. Formed in 1988. We employ approximately 150 professionals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma providing a wide range of commercial real estate services.