Facilities Management

Price Edwards & Company offers corporate owners and users the ability to outsource its facility management requirements and, thereby, be able to focus on its core business competencies. We provide the staff, expertise and, most importantly, the bottom line results, to not only protect the long-term value of corporate real estate assets but also assure the lowest operating costs while maintaining the highest level of service.

Price Edwards & Company leverages its considerable management experience to intelligently approach each facilities management assignment with specifically identified goals and objectives. Whether it is to extend the longevity of aging equipment, reduce energy consumption and costs, improve the quality and service of third-party vendors, deal with inappropriately high levels of staff turnover or improve internal space use efficiencies, Price Edwards & Company has the ability to meet your corporate needs.

One of the most significant near-term facility issues is the pending deregulation of the utility industry. Understanding the complex rule changes, and the impact those changes will have on end-users will be a requirement in the not too distant future. Price Edwards & Company is already exploring how it can aggregate the buying power of its managed properties for the benefit of clients. Additionally, we have initiated measurement of energy consumption in 15-minute intervals at all managed properties in an effort to have the most accurate and comprehensive data. This will serve us, and our clients, well when the opportunity comes to be able to competitively negotiate the pricing structures of energy use. The end result will be savings which could not be obtained by clients on a stand-alone basis.

Price Edwards & Company is proud to be the leader in Oklahoma commercial real estate. We are a full service firm headquartered in Oklahoma City. Formed in 1988. We employ approximately 150 professionals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma providing a wide range of commercial real estate services.