Benefits of Using Price Edwards

  • Price Edwards & Company, as the largest commercial real estate service firm in Oklahoma City, is able to negotiate the most favorable pricing structures from major vendors as well as command the highest level of service at its managed properties.
  • Price Edwards & Company is organizationally structured to allow people to specialize in the leasing and property management of office properties.  As such, the efforts of those professionals are not diluted by dealing with other asset types or brokering the sale of real estate assets.
  • Price Edwards & Company closes more office lease transactions than any firm in Oklahoma.
  • Price Edwards & Company is a member of TCN Worldwide, a commercial leasing and brokerage network comprising 80 offices and over 1,000 brokers.  The TCN relationship provides national exposure to leasing and buying prospects for all listed properties.
  • Price Edwards & Company is an Oklahoma-based firm. Its principals are longstanding members of the community with an ability to get things done locally for its clients.  Further, clients do not have to be concerned with employees being transferred to other cities.
  • Price Edwards & Company boasts a highly trained staff.  All Office Division property managers have achieved, or will soon achieve, the designation of Certified Property Manager (CPM), Real Property Administrator (RPA), or both.
  • Price Edwards & Company’s staff includes a full-time CPA, serving as Vice President of Accounting and Reporting, as well as two computer programmers.  Clients are assured all budgeting, reporting, and operating escalations are completed in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Price Edwards & Company institutes the most thorough and complete preventive maintenance programs for all its office properties.  This assures the longevity of the equipment, peak operating efficiencies and helps maximize the residual value of the property upon liquidation.
  • Price Edwards & Company is very involved in a variety of real estate trade organizations with many members of the firm serving in a variety of leadership positions.  Clients are thus assured of receiving the most current information on issues affecting their real estate assets.
  • Price Edwards & Company offers in-house construction services on either a cost plus or bid basis.  We have built out over 2,000,000 square feet of office suites ranging in size from 500 square feet to 50,000 square feet.  Performing these services on an in-house basis complements our leasing efforts by being able to provide quick cost estimates to in-house agents to help facilitate a lease transaction.

Price Edwards & Company is proud to be the leader in Oklahoma commercial real estate. We are a full service firm headquartered in Oklahoma City. Formed in 1988. We employ approximately 150 professionals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma providing a wide range of commercial real estate services.